Far away from Moscow

In the winter of 2013, Hester den Boer traveled three months through the Far East of Russia; from Vladivostok to the northern region of the Sakha Republic. Life is hard in this corner of Russia. The winters are long and extremely cold. The temperatures can drop to -55 degrees. Food is expensive because everything has to come from afar and social services are often poor. Many inhabitants want to leave and dream of living abroad or in the western parts of Russia. However, the great distance from Moscow and the vast, mystical landscape of Siberia also gives a sense of pride and independence. In precisely these circumstances people are inventive. At home, behind the walls of the gray Soviet flats and far away from the political center, it is cozy. The residents of this area do everything they can to try and make the best of what they have.

The photo's are bundled in the portfolio book 'Far away form Moscow'  

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